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Are you ready to detox your skin and body care?

Why detox your skincare? The billion dollar beauty industry has very convincing marketing that has us scrubbing, exfoliating and drenching our skin in man made chemicals to achieve “perfect” skin that only is truly possible with an instagram filter. These man made ingredients are not only harmful to the skin, but they are also highly toxic and unsafe. 

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Hi, I am Megan! I am a holistic esthetician and beauty and wellness expert. I am so excited you are about to embark on an amazing journey to learn all about supportive skincare for ultimate skin health! 


I teach you how to read ingredients labels on products, so that you know what is safe and what to steer clear of! I will go over how to detox your skincare, body care and feminine care. We also go over essential oils, sun and the skin, beauty and mental health (toxic beauty culture, self compassion & self care), eating for your skin, holistic beauty tools, dry brushing/lymph drainage, skin conditions, and SO MUCH MORE! 


I am so excited to share my wealth of knowledge on holistic skin and body care with you 😍!! This is such a fun subject to learn about and who doesn't want to treat their skin with the very best love and care? You will complete this course feeling confident in your ingredient knowledge and how to shop for healthy products. Your skin and body care routines will get a major upgrade that will look and feel amazing! I can't wait to embark on this healing journey with you!!

This course's enrollment is currently closed, but it will reopen! Please use the sign up box above to be the first to know when it comes back!

What is Included?


One on One Support

This course includes email support, so that you can have personalized recommendations, ask questions and receive guidance!

Over 150 slides of content!

This course is jam packed full of all of the research and educational content I have been curating for you guys to teach you about 💫Supportive Skincare, How the Skin Functions, Natural vs Preventative, Ingredients 101, How to Establish a Holistic Skincare Routine, Sun and the Skin, Skin Conditions, Beauty and Mental Wellness, Eating for Your Skin, Holistic Body Care, plus a curated list of recommendations for products, books, beauty tools and more!

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23 Educational Videos

Get a personal experience from the videos I have included. With each subject I share with you my personal experiences, why I am passionate about detoxing your beauty care, plus tutorials on skincare, body care and more!

Astonomical Clock

Take at Your Own Pace

This course is take at your own pace, so there is no rush to get through the content! You can take your time to work through the sections within 6 months from the start date.

Course Content Overview:


⟡ Supportive Skincare

I teach you why it is so important that we stop harming our skin with conventional products and start treating our skin in a supportive way. This will allow our skin to be its healthiest which in turn means our skin looking its best as well. It is truly the best of both worlds because you will be allowing yourself to have your best looking skin AND stop harming your body with toxins!!

⟡ How the Skin Functions

I teach you about how the skin functions and how highly intelligent it is, which helps us understand why we should treat it much gentler than we are told by skincare companies. 

Our skin has many layers, each with specific functions to keep our skin healthy. I explain how certain skincare products and practices are harmful to these layers and inhibit them from functioning properly. 

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⟡ Natural vs Preventative

I discuss the topic of natural skincare vs preventative skincare and how the two are often considered different approaches.


I share my perspective of how using supportive natural skincare is the best form of preventative skincare because it is keeping your skin the healthiest, which in turn leads to better aging.

⟡ Ingredients 101

I am sure when you read the ingredients label on most products, you are instantly overwhelmed. There are often many ingredients with long names that make no sense. I simplify it for you by breaking down ingredients by section (ingredients I recommend avoiding, ingredients I do not recommend & ingredients I do recommend).


I explain what each ingredient is, what it does to the skin and why I do or do not recommend it. I also teach you how to research ingredients that we have not covered, when you stumble across ones that are not as common. This way you will know exactly what is in products and if it is beneficial to your skin or not! 

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⟡ Skincare Routine

I walk you through each step of a skincare routine, teaching you my methods and recommendations. I also included videos of my morning and evening skincare routines, talking you through each step. I also show you all of the holistic beauty tools I LOVE!

⟡ Sun and the Skin

 I share my perspective on healthy sun exposure, including scientific articles showcasing the benefits of healthy sun and skin interaction. I teach you to respect the sun, instead of fear it. Safe sun exposure is an essential part of a healthy skin routine.


⟡ Skin Conditions

I discuss common skin conditions; acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. I share my thoughts on what they might be telling you and how to use them to communicate with your body. I also share my perspective on how to help heal acne.

⟡ Beauty and Mental Wellness

We talk about how to have a healthy mindset and overcome toxic beauty culture and unrealistic beauty standards. I share my tips on having a self compassion and gratitude practice to detoxify our minds and encourage self love. I also share all of my favorite self care rituals for the mind, body and soul for a well rounded self care routine! 


⟡ Eating for Your Skin

I share with you my knowledge on healthy eating and the link it has to our skin; we truly are what we eat. I cover ingredients in food to look out for and what to eat for your best skin. I talk about bringing peace and joy back into your mealtimes. I also talk about herbal remedies for holistic healing. 

⟡ Holistic Body Care

I go over each step of your body care routine and how to incorporate supportive products into your routine. I share all of my daily body care products that I use and love. We also talk about the benefits of dry brushing the skin and I share a tutorial showing you how this simple, but effective habit can detoxify your lymphatic system for healthy skin.


⟡ Recommendations

I curated lists of recommendations of my favorite products, recommended beauty shops/brands, a list of skin/body care products I approve of, my favorite holistic health books and instagram accounts I follow. 

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