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Are you overwhelmed by all of the information circulating about health and wellness? I know I personally was years ago when I started my healing journey. I wanted to eat healthier, exercise more, free myself of my symptoms of fatigue, blood sugar disregulation, stress, anxiety, acne and painful periods. I am so grateful that I chose to take control of my health and wellbeing because I would not be who I am today without this path! I now eat the most delicious diet full of flavor, color and real foods! I have learned to cook, which I never thought would happen. I love moving everyday and look forward to exercising! I am in tune with my body and have never felt more vibrant! My wish is to be able to guide you to this version of yourself!


I believe in approaching your wellness through JOY! There will be no dieting, dreaded workouts or pressure to do anything you do not LOVE!   

I will guide you through taking a look at your meals, habits, movement, stress levels, sleep and more to work together in creating a new, more vibrant way of living. Taking care of yourself should be FUN!

Lets work 1-1 together to help you achieve your wellness goals! I will customize your sessions based on your personal goals you would like to achieve through working together. I will help you address your health from your mind, body and soul. I am excited to share my knowledge on holistic healing to refresh your routine to get you feeling and looking your best! 

Things we will work on together-

  • healthy sleep habits

  • addressing your symptoms

  • stress release techniques

  • working on helping you achieve your life goals

  • improving your mindset/mental health

  • improving your diet with nutritious & delicious foods

  • creating a positive approach to movement 

  • + so much more!

 $75 60min one session

$180 3 60min session package ($45 savings)

"I highly recommend Megan from Glow for your beauty and wellness needs! Megan is extremely talented at what she does. She has a calming, grounding presence that makes every appointment blissful and restorative." -Tina S. google review

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