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Reiki + Crystal
Energy healing

"Everything is energy and energy travels; it is not constrained by physical space or time. Just because it cannot be seen, does not mean it is not real. We cannot see electricity, yet can turn on the lights at will. Reiki is like turning on the light of healing that exists in all of us." -Jeanmarie Wilson


What is reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is used to heal the mind, body and soul. Just like how you charge your electronic devices, your body and mind can also benefit from an energetic connection. It's like having a freshly charged full battery, you will feel rested + recharged!


For your treatment I will come to your home for the treatment. I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and I will have you lay down on the comfy treatment bed. I will discuss the treatment process with you and check in with you on how you are feeling. During the treatment you will lay there relaxing while I transfer the healing energy into you through my hands resting on your head, shoulders, arms, legs + feet. This is the perfect time to take a nap, mediate or simply relax. 

What to expect after a reiki treatment-

  • feeling relaxed + grounded

  • a calm state of mind

  • stress release

  • possible pain relief

  • better sleep

  • calmed anxiety

  • mood boost

  • headache relief

  • + so much more!

     $120 60min $180 90min 

"I recently did a Reiki session with Megan, and it was Amazing! Reiki is all about energy transfer and healing, and unlike a massage there is very little physical contact. As you lay there she places crystals along your Chakras and places her hands above different parts of your body. The outside world slowly melted away and I almost felt as if my body was floating. Im not quite sure if I fell asleep or if I was in another dimension. Completely relaxed and I was able to actually shut my brain off and float away. When the session was done the only way I can describe how I felt is "light". I floated right out of my appointment. This is definitely my new favorite service to get done." -Amber H. google review

Crystal Reiki Healing Session-

If you are looking for a spiritual healing experience, this is the treatment for you! Let me create a sacred healing space for you to rest and renew. We will start off your session by discussing what healing you are needing that day. This is an excellent time to come with intentions to manifest into your life. I will balance your chakras (energy centers along the center of the body) and then I will create a custom crystal reiki healing layout on you to give you a unique healing experience. When the session is complete I will discuss anything that came up during the session and pull an oracle card for guidance. You will emerge like a butterfly flying out of its cocoon!

$120 90min

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