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My spiritual journey started in 2018 when I followed the call to become a reiki healer. This was the first step on my healing journey and lead me into my spiritual awakening. I have always been a highly intuitive person, but did not recognize it until I connected with the reiki healing energy. Once I unlocked this ability fully I dove into learning everything about spirituality, mindfulness, manifestation and all of the magic of the universe! I then became a crystal reiki healer and now that I have tapped into my intuitive gifts, I love to share them to assist my client's in gaining clarity, a higher perspective and guidance on their life path. 

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These sessions are tailored to giving you the guidance and clarity you need to embody the highest version of yourself! You can ask questions and receive intuitive guidance through me channeling intuitive messages as well as using oracle cards to guide you on your path.

Intuitive guidance sessions are great for-

  • deepening your relationship with yourself

  • receiving messages from spirit/the universe/your higher self

  • assisting you in connecting with your intuition/higher self

  • solar returns (birthday)/new years- start the year ahead with intuitive wisdom

  • gaining clarity around areas in your life (relationships, work, home, etc)

 $88 45min

"I've been going to Megan for a few years now. She is such a kind, calming, sweet person" -Christine M. google review

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